Megan/Jazmine (jazminebel) wrote in be_heard,


Alright, I'm new... I'm just trying to get word out on my friends band...

You walk into an abandoned cement factory (where Brandon Lee was filming The Crow when he died) with the gates of hell, iron pentagrams, flaming 666, exploding fireballs, dead heroin junkies walking around, stunt deamons falling from the ceiling...

In front of the gates, you see a female singer, ontop a podium of cement blocks, fire, skulls and goat horns.

It is Hell...

And this is how they got their start. They got selected to do some shooting for Dawson's Creek... Yeah yeah, the show is lame and cheesy, but the set was absolutely incredible. The band is Straight Razor Seduction. Just getting the word out for them... their website is currently in-production, and once it's up I'll come back around... keep on the lookout for them!


The website is up:

The popups are agrivating, but it's only temporary...
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