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tears fall tears fallfriends i never knew the life i once had the life that was waiting for me why did this happen to me? me? this is for others not ME, why do i care about you so much? all you were was an ass but yet i love, and love on, and FUCKING ON, "is it anywonder i cant sleep all i have is all you gave to me" so then i hate and hate to try and trick myself into NOT hurting anymore, but the truth is, is that i hurt and you laugh, go on laughing.
feeling this feeling cant be put into words well, like swimmming in fields of dreams, like im running after you but getting no where, im falling past the clouds witch are dark but light and spougie, the candle flickers and the smoke sworels, the taste of your lips still i taste yet it has been weeks sense our last kiss and i ponder....was it ment to be?
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